Psychometr is a user-friendly electronic system, which gives you an opportunity to keep an online diary of events, emotions, and feelings associated with them. You have a variety of tools available…


An effective way to gain more insight into your emotions and feelings. It helps you enhance your emotional intelligence and awareness of the strong and weak features of your personality. In your diary, you can write about everyday situations and mental states associated with them. You can specify, to what extent these reactions were pleasant or unpleasant. A report available in your diary will help you analyse certain patterns, including frequency and intensity over time. With your Emotions Diary you can easily observe changes in your behaviour, which is especially helpful if you are using any method of treatment or self-development.

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A perfect tool to enhance insight into your symptoms dynamics (eg., patterns of panic attacks or compulsive eating). This technique is specifically recommended by cognitive-behavioural psychotherapists. In this diary you can make notes about your symptoms: where and when they occurred, how intense they were or what thoughts accompanied them. Analysing reports from this diary can help you discover certain patterns associated with occurrence and intensity of your symptoms. If you are using any method of treatment, this can help you evaluate its effectiveness.

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According to psychoanalysts, dream analysis is the royal pathway to the unconscious. In your Dream Diary you can record your dreams, as well as emotions and free associations they evoke. You can give a theme to every dream and register symbols which seemed particularly meaningful to you. You can also make a note of any reflections you had associated with your dream and try to interpret its symbolic layer, in relation to everyday evens or life changes you go through.

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It helps you make notes about habitual patterns before going to bed and register the number of sleep hours. If you struggle with sleeplessness, an analysis of the report printout can help your doctor plan and monitor treatment. If you write a Sleep Diary, it is recommended that you create a new entry every morning - register the time you went to bed on the previous night and when you managed to fall asleep. You can also make notes about any thoughts occurring when trying to fall asleep, as well as other factors which might affect the quality of your sleep.

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